Fully automatic system


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 Product Name: PS-DC100

Product number: A001
Commodity details
- 10.4 inch industrial grade man-machine interface operation, beautiful and practical, high reliability.
- new operation control screen, unique, powerful.
Equipped with a new generation of repeater, which is equipped with independent work and display, the corresponding speed is faster and the control precision is higher.
- with the LCD screen display waveform, error, etc., can be flexible settings for various control parameters, performance is more comprehensive, more scalable.
- low speed compensation set, and no need to re - correction.
- fast automatic positioning and printing marks.
Can track the same reference color, eliminate the accumulated error.
Pre sets of quasi functions, will be wasted to a minimum.
- overprint control accuracy: + 0.1 mm
Printing speed: 10-300 M / min
- version of roll circumference: 260 mm -1250 mm
Compensation range: 2 mm