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In terms of computer science and Technology Forum of Lanzhou Youth Association Forum

Date:2015-12-10 13:14:54   Click:0

Washington (reporter Zhang Peng Intern Tang Xiaorong) in May 4th, the China computer society youth computer science and Technology Forum (YOCSEF CCF) Lanzhou branch was held at Lanzhou University. 
Young Computer Scientists CCF Forum Engineers (YOCSEF) is a series of academic activities created by the China Computer Society in 1998. China Computer Association Secretary General Du Zide said, YOCSEF CCF to take social responsibility, enhance the ability of members, to promote cooperation, explore new mechanisms for the purpose.  The General Assembly election of Professor Zhou Qingguo, Professor of information science and engineering, Lanzhou University, chairman of the forum. Professor Zhou Qingguo said, YOCSEF Lanzhou branch is designed for Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, and even the western region to provide a university, research institutions, business units between the exchange of information and resource sharing platform, training personnel, reserve personnel, to promote the coordinated development of Lanzhou city information industry, and strengthen the contact with the domestic and international academic organizations, and expand the development of computer science and technology in the western region, scientific research personnel and quality.