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The course of "Introduction to computer science" in the Institute of information science, the cour

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Recently, the Ministry of Education promulgated the "on the ratification of the bilingual teaching demonstration course construction project of the notice" (the high letter [2010] 11) file. The paper announced the results of the 2010 bilingual teaching demonstration program, Renmin University of China, Professor Lu Jiaheng, associate professor of information science, "Introduction to computer science", which is the only one selected for the people's University this year. 
"Introduction to computer science" is the basic course of Computer Science in the people's University, and the person in charge of the course is Lu Jiaheng, who is a PhD in 2008. In Singapore, the United States and other places a total of six years of overseas experience, good English, has hosted a total of two years, the introduction of cloud computing, and other international summer short term English courses. Lu also organized the construction of an introduction to computer science bilingual teaching resources, including bilingual courses website, courseware, exercises, and so on, in the school has achieved a good response